Paul Knight


Paul is an ex-professional Rugby Player. 

His Dad insisted he learns a trade before signing contracts!  So Paul became a plumber, working for J H Shoucksmiths and trained parallel to a career in Rugby at Sale Sharks and Gloucester rugby. 


He started PSK plumbing in 2016 on his own.  As the business became busier Paul expanded the team to where it is today with seven plumbers and five vans all on the go. 


Paul has always been a hardworking team player, always striving to be the best and to maintain a high level of excellence.  With over 27 years of experience, PSK is a company to depend on.

Dave Knight


Joint Director of PSK Plumbing and PSK Building alongside his brother Paul Knight, Dave is also a very good sportsman both in Rugby & Football and Cricket… ok just about every sport! 


Dave trained as an engineer but his passion lay in property development and his own business, as PSK grew the partnership was formed. 

Dave is a perfectionist and all properties have been completed to a very high spec with every minute detail and care taken to deliver modern liveable properties.   

Prez Walker


Prez is the baby of the team! 


He came straight to PSK Plumbing from school on an apprenticeship.  We’ve seen him grow from a boy into a bright young man.  Passing his driving test and also becoming a promising apprentice plumber. 


Prez has a passion for motorbikes and you’ll find him at the gym when he’s got any free time.   

He is taught by Pauls's son Shay Morgan.  A lot of time and patience has been put into training Prez, but he has repaid this twofold with his positive attitude to learning and progressing well to the best of his abilities. 


Watch this space he will be running his own team in no time!

Harry Byrons

Plumbing & heating engineer

Harry started with PSK this year, he is in his 3rd-year apprenticeship, and very keen and willing to learn and improve his skills.


Harry is on-site work under Rory and has realised it’s not all about speed, but quality.


  His diligence to listen to instruction has enabled him to work well and get the job done to a high standard.  In two years Harry will be qualified and ready to step up the ladder. 


Harry has a young family with a new baby due in 2021, so that keeps him very busy.  His passions are football, music and he enjoys a good political debate.


Ashley Jarhan



Ashely started with PSK this year and he has fitted in perfectly. 


Ashley is almost qualified, but already has a huge amount of knowledge beyond his years.  He has worked well with Craig and they have become an efficient, hardworking team. 


Another one to watch who will no doubt have his own apprentice to train and mentor in time. 


This dynamic duo will hopefully build the domestic side of the business leaving Paul to concentrate on our building side.

Rory Hale


Senior Manager. Plumbing & heating engineer


Rory worked for Paul for a few years before PSK was created.  Paul went it alone and Rory soon missed his wit and banter (so says Paul!) so he came across to work for PSK in 2016. 


Rory has progressed well and was keen to take on the Senior Manager’s role this year.  He runs all our site work projects, ranging from 10 to 50 new build houses, plus blocks of flats. 


He manages a team of four to six men.  Managing the site's progress from inception to completion. 


Rory has matured into a knowledgeable confident young man.  A good team leader.  We have great expectations for his future with PSK.

Craig Anderson


Plumbing & heating engineer

Paul has known Craig all his life.  Working together on and off for years. 


Craig came to PSK in 2017 where he has taken over the role of our domestic client's work and our local builders. 


Craig is an experienced plumbing engineer with lots of knowledge.  He is the king of the banter, but always works hard and does a top-quality job. 


As PSK has grown Craig has taken on more projects and more pressure to keep up with the high demands of work and keeping clients happy. 


Craig's dedication and hard work is hugely important to the development of this side of the business as PSK grows year on year. 


Shay Morgan


Plumbing & heating engineer

Shay is Paul’s eldest son who follows in his footsteps as a good sportsman, excelling in Golf and Rugby. 


Shay decided to follow Paul into plumbing and has been with PSK since he was an apprentice. 


He has worked hard to qualify fully as a plumbing and heating engineer and also achieving his gas safe qualification.


Paul is immensely proud of the man he has become today.  Shay is now running his own sites and is also training one of our apprentices, which he has done an exceptional job as Prez is progressing very well. 


Shay will soon be stepping up to the next challenge of a senior role within the business.